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So What- How to Communicate What Really Matters to Your Audience

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  • Supercharge Your Success by Answering the One Question That Everyone Cares About:
  • Answer the “So What?” question quickly, succinctly, convincingly–every time!
  • Practical techniques, examples, and exercises proven with thousands of winning salespeople.
  • Straight from Mark Magnacca, one of the world’s leading sales consultants.
  • For all your personal interactions–in business and in life!


It’s tough, but true–the people you’re trying to communicate with, sell to, or convince don’t really care about you. Nor do they care what you’re offering them–until they understand exactly how it’ll benefit them. If you recognize that one hard, cold fact–and you know what to do about it–you’ll make more money, achieve greater success, and even have more fun!


In this book, world-renowned sales consultant Mark Magnacca shows you how to answer the “So What?” question brilliantly, every time–no matter who’s asking it or what you’re trying to achieve. This book will transform the way you communicate: You’ll use it every day to get what you want–in business and in life!