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The Four Conversations- Daily Communication That Gets Results

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Making Everyday Talk Work

Talk is powerful. And it isn't just `difficult' conversations that matter--the everyday dialogue we have with one another is critical to both personal and organizational success. Packed with sample dialogues and dozens of personal stories, and backed by solid research and the authors' firsthand observations, The Four Conversations describes how to get maximum results from conversations that every one of us must use to get things done: initiative conversations introducing something new, understanding conversations to help people relate to ideas or processes, performance conversations requesting specific actions, and closure conversations that recognize achievements and signal completion of the work.


As Jeffrey and Laurie Ford clearly demonstrate, engage in the right conversation at the right time--plan and start each one well, finish every one effectively--and extraordinary things can happen.


The Four Conversations is the winner of the 800ceoread Best Business Book of the Year 2009 in the Management category.