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The New Language of Business- SOA & Web 2.0

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There is now a direct, provable link between an organization’s flexibility and business performance. To optimize flexibility, companies must achieve unprecedented levels of integration and automation of key processes and infrastructure, both internally and externally. At the same time, they must learn to manage their processes far more dynamically and responsively.

They must become flex-pon-sive*.

Until recently, technology stood in the way of achieving these goals. Thanks to the emergence of service oriented architecture (SOA), Web 2.0, and open standards, technology now enables companies to achieve those goals. In The New Language of Business, one of IBM’s top SOA strategist demonstrates how business leaders can use innovations in technology to drive dramatic process improvements and support accelerating change.


Sandy Carter shows how to deconstruct your business into a “componentized” business model, then support that model with linked, repeatable IT services that can adapt quickly, easily, and economically. These techniques will help both IT professionals and business leaders reach new levels of operational excellence to deliver the market-focused innovations that matter most.


Drive competitive advantage through Service Oriented Architecture

Leverage the value of business process components and IT services

Achieve one version of the truth–finally!

Use information as a service to improve business insight and reduce risk

Master SOA governance and the service lifecycle

Manage IT infrastructure for business results, both short-term and long-term

Start fast: choose from three winning approaches

Get quick wins with business process management, collaboration or information

Implement on demand: what works–and what doesn’t

Discover key success factors–and ten critical mistakes to avoid