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Tourism Management- Managing for Change

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Tourism Management: Managing for Change is a complete synthesis of tourism, from its beginnings through to the major impacts it has on today's global community, the environment and economy. Provocative and stimulating, it challenges the conventional thinking and generates reflection, thought and debate. This bestselling book is now in its second edition and has been fully revised with updated statistics and a complete set of brand new case studies.


In a user-friendly, handbook style, each chapter covers the material required for at least one lecture within a degree level course. Written in a jargon-free and engaging style, this is the ultimate student-friendly text, and a vital introduction to this exciting, ever-changing area of study.


Tourism Management covers the fundamentals of tourism, introducing the following key concepts:

* The development of tourism

* Tourism supply and demand

* Sectors involved: transport, accommodation, government

* The future of tourism: including forecasting and future issues affecting the global nature of tourism


The text is also accompanied by a companion website packed with extra resources for both students and lecturers. Accredited lecturers can request access to download additional material by going to http://textbooks.elsevier.com to request access.


* A complete synthesis of the tourism industry

* 2nd Edition includes a complete set of new case studies including 2012 Olympics, Southwest airlines, and policies for tourism in South Africa

* Companion website packed with extra resources both for students and lecturers







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