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E- Novation for Competitive Advantage in Collaborative Globalization- Technologies for Emerging E-Business Strategies

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Editors David Low and Hugh Pattinson define “e-novation” as a combination of innovation and emarketing, enabled by new collaborative platforms that are being developed and released using Web 2.0 methods, allowing for a different level of connectivity around the world. Acquiring a deep understanding of e-novation is necessary now because firms and educational and governmental organizations are transitioning beyond digital branding to online social media marketing using multiple media touchpoints.

The pace of successful new product-service developments via e-novation platforms is equivalent to compressing the acceleration phase of the Industrial Revolution to a decade rather than a century after its worldwide startup. The decade 2010-2020 is the e-novation acceleration phase. All the chapters in this book include strong evidence supporting this assertion.

Dwell for a moment on the title: E-Novation for Competitive Advantage in Collaborative Globalization:

Technologies for Emerging E-Business Strategies. The book delivers this promise by describing and explaining what is here now and the reality-virtual infusion of business models in operating scenarios that are most likely to dominant during 2015-2020. Broadly, the book focuses on vision and the will to succeed in electronic-enabled workplaces and relationships. It is an invaluable focus as Tellis and Golder (2006) confirm—after spending the last 10 years studying the history of 66 industries, Tellis and Golder (2001, iii) conclude that “the real causes of enduring market leadership are vision and will.

Enduring market leaders have a revolutionary and inspiring vision of the mass market and they exhibit an indomitable will to realize that vision.” Where can executives acquire the necessary facts-of-life for nurturing brands in achieving successful e-novation? Answer: Here. The thick descriptions of firm and organizational level e-novations in Pattinson and Low’s book bring to life the vision-and-will focus of their treatise. The many citations, websites, and references appearing in all the chapters inform the reader on where-to-go-next for developing e-novation
operational skills. Thus, the book is a wellhead for knowledge and skills necessary for designing and implementing e-novations in the acceleration phase of this latest post Industrial Revolution. Concisely put: the book delivers on the title’s promise. Good reading!

Arch G. Woodside
Boston College, USA


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