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How to Make Money in Stocks- A Winning System in Good Times and Bad

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This bestseller has shown over one million investors the secrets to building stock market wealth.

Following on the success of the previous edition, this revised text offers rational, well-documented guidance for anyone who wants to make smart investments - even people who have never owned stock before. It explains how to: make money reading the daily financial news pages; pick the best industry groups in the market; read charts like an expert to improve stock selection and timing; and reduce losses and mistakes. This edition features information which reflects changing conditions on Wall Street, including: the proven C-A-N S-L-I-M stock selection system, based on a 40-year study of the most successful stocks; practical advice about the investment process, from picking a broker to diversifying a portfolio; charts and examples from "Investor's Business Daily"; and applicable changes in financial regulations and practices since 1987.







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