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Shared Services - A Manager's Journey

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had mushroomed into a large building materials company, selling everything from lumber to cabinets to plumbing fixtures. Three months ago, he had been tapped to set up and head the shared services division at Capp and couldn't wait to dig into the challenge of setting it up—until, that is, he hit the walls of getting everyone on board with his vision and getting management to agree on where the division should physically be located.

What follows is an eye-opening experience in which, along with our hero, you will witness the pitfalls, triumphs, and lessons learned in the process of implementing and growing a shared services organization. Through Dennis's experience, you will find out why shared services is a proven method to deliver value in the support services field.

Author Daniel Melchior—a leading practitioner of shared services—presents a powerful framework for successfully establishing and running a shared services center. This innovative book:

- Introduces the shared services"vision" and the value-creating opportunities the achievement of shared services can deliver
- Explores and explains the business strategy behind centralizing various business units
- Honestly addresses the full range of issues involved in successful implementation of a shared services operation in your business
- Shows how shared services can create a unified front among business units 

Thought-provoking and engaging, Shared Services: A Manager's Journey sheds light on how using shared services to perform specific internal services such as payroll, accounts payable, and travel and expense processing can tactically equip your business with a flexible tool for improving processes, generating profits, and reducing costs.