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Short Selling- Strategies, Risks, and Rewards

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Short selling is regarded as a risky business in the finance community. Yet, informed professionals recognize that short selling is an essential element of portfolio management. Clients who impose restrictions that prevent their managers from short selling will hamper them from maximizing their returns.
Short Selling offers managers and investors the information they need to benefit from pursuing a short selling strategy and the rationale for short selling even in a rising stock market. Financial expert Frank Fabozzi has collected a group of market experts who share their knowledge on everything from the basics to the complex in the world of short selling, including:
• The mechanics of short selling
• Empirical evidence on short selling
• The implications of restrictions on short selling for investment strategies
• Short selling strategies pursued by institutional investors
• Identifying short selling candidates
Filled with the latest theoretical and empirical evidence on short selling in the United States and throughout the world, Short Selling will increase your knowledge of this technique and enhance your financial performance in all market environments.