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Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

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Face Facebook, link up with LinkedIn, and tweet with Twitter using this all-in-one guide!
Marketing your business through social media isn't rocket science. Here's how to apply the marketing savvy you already have to the social media your prospects are using, helping you get and keep more customers, make more sales, and boost your bottom line.
Find the business side — explore the variety of social media options and research where your target audience hangs out
Collect your tools — discover ways to simplify posting in multiple locations and how to monitor activity
Establish your presence — start a blog or podcast to build a following
Follow and be followed — find the right people to follow on Twitter and get them to follow you
Fan out — showcase your company with a customized Facebook business page
Follow up — use analytics to assess the success of your social media campaign
Open the book and find:
Tips for finding your target market
Important legal considerations
Step-by-step guidance for setting up a campaign
Lots of helpful technology tools
Blogging and podcasting advice
How to make Twitter pay off for your business
Tools for analyzing your success in each medium
When to move forward and when to pull back
8 books in 1
The Social Media Mix
Cybersocial Tools
Blogs, Podcasts, and Vlogs
Other Social Media Marketing Sites
Measuring Results; Building On Your Success