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Success Strategies for Women in Science- A Portable Mentor

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The under-representation of women in science is a well-documented fact that is of increasing concern to educators, administrators and government policy makers. This book, for women nearing the end of their formal training and beginning their careers in science, draws upon the experience of successful female scientists in academia, industry and research institutes from across North America and Europe. The contributors provide readers with a broad perspective on life as a scientist. Chapters address topics such as mentorship, networking and balancing career and family responsibilities and discusses the current issues and concerns women face in their careers. 
* Details skills complementing scientific training and expertise that are proven to enhance potential for success, including networking and mental toughness
* Provides insights into balancing professional and personal responsibilities
* Written by outstanding female scienctists representing diverse scientific backgrounds and interests
* Offers pracical advice and real-life stories that address currrent issues and concerns


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