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The It Factor- Be the One People Like, Listen to, and Remember

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Thể loại: Tâm lý Tiếng Anh



Some people have the ability to start a conversation and immediately draw people in, while others—perhaps even those with more valuable things to say—get pushed to the side, seemingly ignored. Unfortunately for those who don't have "It," this undeniable "It" factor is more than just an attractive quality, it's also a hallmark of success.

A practical and entertaining guide that will help anyone supercharge their communication skills and consistently make a positive impression on others, The "It" Factor gives readers the tools—and confidence—they need to take charge of any conversation, meeting, or networking encounter. Readers will learn how to:

* Communicate ideas so skillfully that people sit up and take notice
* Become instantly memorable
* Hold on to people's attention longer
* Make stronger connections

Filled with practical techniques and powerful insights, The "It" Factor will help anyone take center stage and achieve the results they've always desired.



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