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Resorts Management and Operation

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Effectively Develop and Manage a Resort Property-Revised and Updated

In recent years, the definition of "resort" has expanded to include any facility that provides recreation and entertainment in combination with lodging. Revised and updated for these changes, Resorts: Management and Operation, Second Edition covers both new trends, like the increasing popularity of timeshares and cruise ships, and tried-and-true businesses like ski areas, golf resorts, spas, and casinos. The book provides a comprehensive look at how today's industry classifies, develops, markets, and manages these various properties.

In addition to covering new growth areas in the resort field, this Second Edition also features a wide range of resources for learning, including:

* New chapters on cruise ships, specialty resorts, and casinos, highlighting the newest trends in the industry
* New resort case studies in each chapter
* Expanded coverage on spas, pools, and indoor waterparks
* Quick Getaway sidebars, showing practical examples and applications of theories discussed in the book
* Updated statistics throughout the text that reflect the latest industry information
* Enhanced discussions of the importance of developing facilities from an environmentally conscious and business-smart perspective so that the integrity of the natural base is maintained

Students on their way to a career in resorts, as well as professionals seeking to update or improve their understanding of the business, will find Resorts: Management and Operation, Second Edition the key to success in this exciting industry.



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