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The Employer's Handbook- An Essential Guide to Employment Law, Personnel Policies, and Procedures

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Employers are expected to cope with the increasingly complex legal framework that now governs UK employment law. Ignorance of the law can lead to complaints and even the possibility of costly legal action. The Employer's Handbook unravels this web and brings together all relevant information into one fully comprehensive and affordable package. Written by an expert in the field, "The Employers Handbook" offers practical, hands-on advice, presented in clear, non-legalese English. It identifies both the legal essentials (what employers are required to do) and the non-legal essentials (actions that are not legal requirements but are fundamental for effective people management). Topics include: staff recruitment; writing employment contracts; paying staff; performance management; dealing with absence; maternity rights, working hours and holidays; writing a staff handbook; personnel records and data protection; handling organizational change; handling discipline and staff grievances; terminating employment; tribunal cases; health and safety; working with trade unions. Packed with model letters, forms, policy documents and procedures for dealing with all key employment issues, the handbook is an invaluable source of practical information for any small- to medium-sized employer. Also included in the package is a free CD-ROM containing template documents and access to the author's Web site, which provides regular updates on employment law issues.


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