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The Manager's Pocket Calculator- A Quick Guide to Essential Business Formulas and Ratios

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Your success or failure is reflected in one number: the bottom line. So you’d better get a handle on the numbers that influence it. The Manager’s Pocket Calculator gives you the essentials of budgeting and forecasting, financial analysis, reporting, interest and rate-of-return calculation, statistics, and more. 

Not just an overview, the book contains more than 100 formulas and ratios with numerical examples, spreadsheet entries, and step-by-step calculations. The Manager’s Pocket Calculator trains you in the application of mission-critical business fundamentals, better preparing you to: 

• Create and justify budgets 

• Excel in planning meetings concerning financial performance 

• Craft reports and presentations demonstrating financial outcomes 

• Communicate with internal and external accounting, auditing and other financial entities 

An indispensable, everyday business tool, The Manager’s Pocket Calculator makes you more than a manager. It makes you a powerful architect of your organization’s financial stability.