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The Undeclared Secrets That Drive the Stock Market

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This is by far the most worthwhile book regarding trading the markets.

This book will help you under the stock market the easy way. The information will be a starting revelation to most readers.


Newspapers, magazines and television newscasters will always appear to give authoritative statements on the latest stock market move, however, you can never be told the real truth.


Most traders give a little or no attention to how the stock market actually works because they believe they already know how it works. The stock market is simple, it works on supply and demand like any other free market place, if there is more selling than buying then the market must go down. In principle this is correct, however in practice it does not work exactly the way it sounds that it should be working and one may fail to notice the unseen forces that drive the stock market.


This book not only explains to the reader why moves occur but also how to recognize the underlying forces at work in the stock market.


You will also soon see how you can select individual stocks for trading with limited information. Fundamental analysis, price/earnings ration, advice from your broker, buy or sell recommendations from newspapers and magazines, is the traditional approach, however there is a far better way to pick the right stocks while leaving the poor ones alone.


Tom Williams, the author has been energetically applying this analytical studies for the last 30 years to the stock and futures markets. His professional experience gained a great impetus several years ago when reading what Richard D Wyckoff had to say on the subject of volume reading in the early thirties.


Combining what Wyckoff had to say about volume with his 12-plus years in Beverly Hills, California working with a trading syndicate (off the floor traders of the stocks and shared trading their own accounts and others), this far reaching book is the result. The reader should benefit immensely (this is, do well in their investing) from the new and creative computer and no-computerised market timing indicators and thinking that Tom opens up for them.