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The World Trade Organization Millennium Round: Freer Trade in the Twenty First Century

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The failure to launch a new round of multilateral trade negotiations at the World Trade Organization's Ministerial Conference in Seattle in December 1999, has clearly demonstrated that, at present, no true international trade policy exists. The issues that may enter the agenda of a 'Millennium Round' under the auspices of the WTO, therefore, merit careful analysis as to their economic, social and political impact. The World Trade Organization Millennium Round covers these substantive issues and the braoder implications of a potential trade round. The contributers persuasively argue for meaningful reforms at national and international levels, and a clear case for freer trade emerges from their analyses. This comprehensive and up-to-date volume provides: * a guide to the policies, interests and perspectives of the major players * full coverage of the economic issues and the politics involved in the various areas of international trade policy-making * an analysis of the necessity and likelihood of further liberalisation in old and new sectors as well as of systematic and institutional issues * recommendations for change urgently required to reform both the WTO as an organization and the international trading system in order to meet the demands of a global economy. This book is a significant resource that will be indispensable to students, professionals and all people seeking to increase their understanding of this highly topical subject. Bernhard Speyer, Klaus Gunter Deutsch, Andreas Falke, Hiroya Ichikawa, Maki Kunimatsu, J. Micheal Finger, Philip Schuler, Bernhard May, Dietrich Barth, Wendy Dobson, Christopher Findlay, Tony Warren,


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