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Trading With Charts for Absolute Returns

Danh mục: Kế toán Tài chính

Thể loại: Kế toán Tài chính TA


Are you fed up with brokers, advisors, and fund managers who charge fat fees for services—even when they don't meet their puny market-plus benchmarks? Would you like to earn the kinds of absolute returns seen by the world's most successful hedge funds?

Well now you can. And you'll do it without cutting-edge computer models and multimillion-dollar automated trading systems.

Armed with nothing more than the chart patterns provided in this book, you can consistently earn absolute returns in the stock and commodities markets, year in and year out, in bull and bear markets alike.

Author Robert Fischer, world-renowned for his pioneering work in Fibonacci-based trading strategies, identifies key chart patterns—including three- and four-point trend lines and five-point trend channels, support and resistance lines, and PHI ellipses—that deliver absolute returns in most market conditions. Writing for both novices and experienced chart traders, he walks you, step by step, through the scientific foundations of his trading approach. He reveals the fatal shortcomings of long-only investment strategies in today's global investment environment, while making a strong case for an approach that combines both long and short trading strategies. And he clearly and succinctly demonstrates how through the systematic application of his chart patterns, both individually or in combination—along with simple Fibonacci-derived rules for entry, exit, stop-loss, and profit targeting—virtually any investor can generate absolute returns.

But the proof is in the pudding, as they say. On the Trading with Charts for Absolute Returns companion web site, available exclusively to those who purchase this book, you'll find over 1,500 real-world trading signals from fourteen projects with which to test the validity of Fischer's strategies. Anyone interested in tracing the hundreds of buys and sells on a trade-by-trade basis will find the job greatly facilitated by free access to Fibotrader, a proprietary program specifically designed by the author to work with the chart patterns introduced.

Why settle for relative returns of a few points over market when you can consistently earn absolute returns? Read Trading with Charts for Absolute Returns and find out how.


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