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101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5000

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Becoming your own boss is easier (and cheaper) than you think!
It's time to grab yourself a piece of the American Dream. In 101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5000, you'll find realistic guidance for turning your ideas and skills into a profitable business that you can run full-time, part-time, or even as an absentee owner. 

This completely practical handbook provides step-by-step instructions on dealing with legal, financial, and tax issues involved in starting a business, and it puts you in touch with suppliers, associations, and clubs that can help you get up and running in a jiffy.

Some businesses are as easy to set up and run as a child's lemonade stand, and this moneymaking manual shows you how to keep things simple, profitable, and legal. For more ambitious undertakings, you'll find real-world answers for serious business questions as you learn how to:
Write a sensible business plan to give your idea direction
Secure start-up funding from banks, government agencies, and elsewhere
Design publicity, marketing, and sales programs
Master bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes
Grow from a one-person start-up into a mini-empire

Whether you want to provide home or professional services, organize entertainment and special events, start a Web-based company, go into light manufacturing, or profit from any talent or interest you have, 101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5000 puts you on the road to success—starting right now!


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