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Rothschild Money Trust

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Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild fortune, at the timeof his death in 1812, created a trust of his estate, by will, for the elevation of theJewish race and the establishment of a Jewish World Empire. The cardinalprinciples of the trust were secrecy, that the estate should be kept intact as aunit, that the heirs and their heirs should have only a communal interest in it,and that the estate as a whole should be governed by the eldest son of the eld-est son unless a majority of the heirs determined otherwise.The estate has been preserved and managed since his death as a unit in pur-suance of the provisions of his will. There are now several hundred heirs, forthe family is a prolific one, but the estate is communal and still under themanagement of one head. So far as known, the provisions of the wills of themembers of the family still contain in substance the directions of the founderof the fortune.History affords but meager information regarding the rulers of this fortuneand the extent of it, because of their secretive methods. No inventory has ever been filed and no division has ever been sought by any heir.Most of the histories of the Rothschild family are either Jewish or strongly pro-Jewish. While they are extravagant in praise of the virtues of the differentmembers of the Rothschild family, they are rather meager in facts. The factsherein related have been gleaned from many sources and are based on infor-mation believed to be reliable. We do not know the extent of the founder's fortune at the time of his death in1812, nor do we know the present magnitude of it, but apparently it representsabout one-half of the wealth of the world.This huge fortune has been devoted with great shrewdness and energy to thepurpose of exploiting the Gentiles in all the countries of the globe. The me-thods employed are the manipulation of currencies, speculations on the ex-changes, and wars.The Rothschilds by these operations profit enormously because they have thepower by virtue of their immense wealth and political power, to put prices upor down at pleasure. It is for these reasons that we have had most of our warsand depressions. The protocols and the communist’s code, which are identicalin purpose and intent, represent their plan for the conquest of the world. Bothof these codes were published subsequent to Mayer Amschel's death, but some of the protocols appear to have been in existence prior thereto. They, however,represent his principles as shown by all that we know of him.This book is not written in a spirit of anti-Semitism, for I have Jewish friendsthat I do not wish to injure. It is written in the hope that it may be helpful insolving our Jewish problem peaceably and by appropriate legislation. To theextent that the remedies herein suggested may contribute to that end they will be helpful to the Jews as well as to the balance of us, for it is certain that thepeople of this country will never meekly submit to slavery.In writing and publishing this book I am inspired by no other motive than torender a service to my country. I realize that I am taking some risk in doingso—at least that of persecution. Adequate provision has been made for thepublication and distribution of this book regardless of the author.September 12, 1940. George Armstrong